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Bio-XL Develops Biopharma solutions for undertreated medical needs

Our mission is to bring cost effective and impactful solutions to undertreated medical needs Our team members are dedicated to achieve this by using our scientific expertise, experience in biopharma and our network of professionals

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Portfolio includes projects at various therapeutic fileds and different development stages

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BioXL brought together scientific and business leaders who share a passion for innovating. Our team has vast experience in biological sciences and in managing business platforms.  
Meir Azulay, MSc

Managing Director

Meir Azulay has several decades of experience in process development and manufacturing biopharmaceutical drugs in Merck-Serono (participated in the development and manufacturing of Rebif, a blockbuster for MS). MSc in biochemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Since 2005, Meir has founded and managed a CDMO company; He is co-founder of several startups in the fields of biopharma, food-tech, and biotech.

Avraham Laban, PhD

CTO, Portfolio Manager

Dr. Avraham Laban has vast experience in drug development, enzyme production, and biochemical analysis. Avraham held research and teaching positions at MIT, Harvard, and Israel.  Avraham has founded and managed a startup company in the field of Renewable Energy.

Avraham is co-founder of several startups in the fields of biopharma, food-tech, and biotech.

Ouri Fischel, Ph.D. MBA

Business Development Director

Dr. Ouri Fischel has substantial experience in drug discovery. 
Ouri has been involved with protein kinase inhibitors designed for cancer treatment in collaboration with Sanofi-Aventis and Janssen Pharmaceutica (J&J). 

With Ph.D. studies in pharmacology and MBA in biomedical management, Ouri has acquired the necessary skills and experience in entrepreneurship and investment banking.  Ouri has successfully raised funding for companies involved in Rational Drug Design, Cheminformatics, and Machine Learning. 

Stephen Simes, BSc, MBA

Chairman of BioXL board

Mr. Stephen Simes is a Serial biopharmaceutical industry CEO/Board member experienced in the management, financing and governance of public biopharma companies with FDA-approved and R&D-stage products, many of which received FDA-approval.  Having raised over $500 million for his companies in financing transactions, product licensing and M & A transactions.

Prof. Ido Wolf, MD/PhD

Clinical and Scientific Advisor- Oncology

Prof. Ido Wolf is the Oncology Division Head, Endocrine-Oncology Laboratory Head – Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. One of the leaders in Klotho research and development, worldwide

Tamar Rubinek, PhD

Scientific Advisor- Oncology

Dr. Tamar Rubinek is a Leading scientist in cancer research, worldwide. Head of Oncology Division Research Lab, Tel Aviv Medical Center, The Parasol Center for Women's Cancer Research

Mazal Dahan, PhD

Formulation expert

Dr. Mazal Dahan is PhD Chemistry graduated (Hebrew University), with Post Doc at John-Hopkins, Baltimore, MD.
Mazal held Managing positions, R&D and manufacturing in biotech and pharma; CSO and CEO is start-up developing parenteral compound from product design to GMP production and registration

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