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Developing Biopharma solutions
to undertreated medical needs

Member of the @ARC innovation at Sheba


Screening test enabling cancer prediction years before its development

Prediction allows preventive treatment, improve treatments outcomes, increase survival rate and improve quality of life

Screening test (addition to the current common checkup), using digital pathology method and 
big data system assysted by AI.

Project funded by grant (pre-SEED)

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Universal Anti-cancer drug
enabling efficient therapy w/o compromising safety


Personalized medicine leads to expensive cancer therapy, not accessible to most of people.
Chemotherapy, despite reluctance remains main drug treatment.

CeaseCancer, as a drug treatment with unique MoA, high safety profile and wide array of cancer types and stages, will enable replacement of chemo, or, in combination- reduce doses, to minimize adverse side effects 
The first indications: TNBC and PDAC

Pre-SEED/SEED fund round now open

CancerPredict and CeaseCancer technologies rely on IP of Sheba Medical Center's (Israel) and Cedar Sinai medical center (US).
Bio-XL has the worldwide exclusive license for the commercialization of the technologies


Contact Us

Nahal Snir 15, Yavne, Israel  |  Tel: +972-549-536-396

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